At Secretsupercar.com we built our foundations on three words:


For anyone looking to sell a high value Prestige, Sports or Supercar the options are pretty limited; Private Sale, Sale or Return or a Trade Sale are the traditional options and while each still has it’s place we thought there must be something that better suits todays market, a way to create better value for both sellers and buyers.

Most buyers admit that, in an ideal world, they’d prefer to buy a used Supercar direct from the previous owner. More relatable than any salesman, no inflated values or margins, who better to buy a car from than the person who knows it best, a person that went through the same process as you when choosing the car for themselves? While we don’t yet live in an ideal world, there’s no reason we can’t take steps toward it.

So we reverse engineered the issues with the private sale model, both as a seller and prospective buyer; Advertising, Enquiries, Viewings, Negotiation, Preparation, Warranty & Finance to name a few, all roadblocks pushing buyers and sellers back towards the traditional dealer model.

Now there is a genuine alternative, all the benefits of a private sale, with the confidence and options a buyer looks for in a dealer purchase. A simple, customisable service allowing both Buyers and Sellers to fulfil their needs, low cost, low hassle, proactive sales & for buyers a well priced, transparent, high confidence purchase.




Having been involved in the Supercar industry since the late 1990’s we set about creating our own company in 2016, a company that removes the excuses of old, a company that says yes we can rather than over explaining why we wouldn’t want to.

The driving force behind our small but dedicated team is to be able to give our clients a truly personal & involving experience unlike any other; where action replaces complacency, value outweighs expense, and transparency defeats mystique.

We are passionate about what we do, we love cars but it’s about building relationships, relationships make the world go round.


Darren M | Co-Founder

“It’s not about the beautiful cars, as nice as they are, it’s about the people.
The cars just help tell their story…”

Secretsupercar.com is a trading name of Kirkham Motor Company Ltd.