Buying & Selling

P2P Private Sales

We are creating the first truly customer-centric supercar sales service, connecting buyers & sellers directly, delivering the best value for both with real market values and total transparency.

For Sellers…
The best returns for your car are achieved by a direct sale to a new owner, but it can be difficult for many reasons, Sale or Return is an option but not without compromise and potential risks. The alternative; We do the time consuming, awkward parts for you while adding value to your sale rather than taking it away.

You build the package that suits you best from our simple menu options, whether you’re looking for value driven assistance or a full hands off sales process. If those needs change or your buyer has additional requirements we can adapt to ensure everyone’s goals are met.

To find out more, talk through the options and see how can help you get in touch here.



And Buyers…
We learn each car’s story, both from the owner’s perspective and as an independent. We view each car personally, the car is photo-documented, the history is verified and checked via HPI, NMR & VOSA. We build up an accurate picture of it’s health, past, present and future to be able to really give you the full story.


Once you’re ready to proceed we will go through the process with you and the seller, if you require any additional products or services we can organise those to ensure you start your ownership in the best possible way.

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